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Kate has performed in an abundance of plays over her life-long acting career. Select acting credits include – New York: Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing (Lincoln Center’s Clark Theater/ Holderness), Refracting Miss Julie (One Arm Red) The Yellow Wallpaper (The Living Theater) The Life of Spiders, Einstein's Dreams, and PERSONA (Culture Project). And in New England: As You Like It, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Dibble Dance (Shakespeare & Company), Sylvia in Sylvia (Salem Summer Theatre), Possible Worlds (Perishable Theater), and Much Ado About Nothing (New England Shakespeare Festival). She has written and performed numerous solo shows including CounterThrust: The Persistence of Memory (Boulder International Fringe Festival).

Select Press clips

"The enduring image of the play is Einstein dancing with Mileva (Kate Kohler Amory), while using his violin bow across her backside, playing her like a musical instrument." Backstage (Einstein's Dreams)





"Mileva (Kate Kohler Amory)... wraps her legs around his waist, and he walks around playing her, sliding the violin bow across her backside. Einstein looks as if he is thinking, but it is our own thoughts that seem to matter. A man making love to a woman? A scientist coaxing secrets out of nature? Who is this man? What is this alchemy called science?"

Dennis Overbye, The New York Times


Einsteins Dreams

"Kate Kohler Amory as his wife Mileva is strong and sharp, balancing his pensive wanderings." CurtainUp (Einstein's Dreams)

'The Life of Spiders,'' which is at Bleecker Street through Sunday. I hope it will soon reopen in another theater." Margo Jefferson, The New York Times (The Life of Spiders)


"Kate Kohler Amory gives a remarkable performance as the loyal, insightful, and overly energetic canine, Sylvia...Amory’s expertise in movement made her all-puppy from the bottom of her paws to the tip of her muzzle." North Shore Footlights

Sylvia 21.jpg

Life of Spiders


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